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Manga sale~!

I am now selling some manga books (In english) because I really need money! So please, take some time to look around. Some of the books are older, and I am selling those cheaper, but others are in very good condition, and some of them are even unread. I am also selling some Chii posters ^^ I don't want auction, so the first one that wants one item is the first to get it. So if someone is interested, please e-mail me at: siberian-khatru@hotmail.com! And we'll also talk through shippment prices and that... etc :) Oh, and also, method of payment goes by PayPal

Death Note (vol.1-4)
La Corda d'Oro (vol.1-2)
Fruits Basket (vol.1-6)

All of these books go for €5.35 each, except for Fruits Basket vol.1, that one is for €2.67 because it's the oldest.
I haven't even read some of these books.

Chobits (vol.2)
Magic Knight Rayearth (vol.1-2)
Naruto (vol.1)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (vol.1-5, BUT vol.2 is missing!)
Shaman King (vol.2)
Marmalade Boy (vol.1-8, BUT vol.4 and 5 are missing!)

I am selling all of these books on the picture, except for the One Piece books (vol.18 and 15) because they are in swedish, unless there is someone swedish that wants them o_o If that is the case, then they go for €1.07... as for the other books, the price is €2.67 for each one of them!

These are the posters, I sell them for €1.07 each

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