Thea (itsathea) wrote in garagesalejapan,

FS: Games, Anime, A Few Manga

I still have a few items for sale (with lowered prices!) and a few new items!

Shipping is not included in the price unless otherwise noted. I ship in the US only. And I accept paypal.

I have feedback here and on ebay: here.

Items for Sale:

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness PSP
Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles PSP
Valkyrie Profile II PS2
Hamtaro: HamHam Heartbreak GBA
Hellsing DVDs Complete
And more!

Both are Complete with instruction manuals, only played once!
Disgaea $20 Sold
Castlevania $20

Valkyrie Profile 2 $8 On Hold This does not come with the instruction manual.

Hamtaro: HamHam Heartbreak $5 Cartridge Only

Hellsing Complete DVD Set $20 These are in great condition, only watched once, will dust off cases before sending.

Under the Glass Moon Vol. 1 $2
Snow Drop Vol. 1 $2

Kadocha Hat $5
FruitsBasket Yuki Hat $5
..or both for $8!

If you have any more questions you can either comment here or email me: ampolio(at)


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