Elly/Elizabeth (elly_marion) wrote in garagesalejapan,

To those I was buying stuff from:

But please let me know who I still need to pay! I haven't forgotten anyone, I promise. There's just been so much stuff going on! With the family member in the hospital, paycheck an unexpected delay and the phone jack exploding and putting out more money then I wanted to, I feel really bad making people wait till the end of the month for their payments.

I know I've talked to four people about things on sale in this community, and I wanted them to post here and let me know what the totals for my purchases are. I've commented to a few, but I know I am forgetting someone about a Darkstalkers DVD set or something.

Anyway, please comment, so that I know you are still interested in selling the item!

Thank you so much~!

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