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Doujinshi For Sale, Again!

I come bearing 5 shounen-ai and/or yaoi doujinshi, all in pristine condition, and all of them purchased from Hen Da Ne! at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington. They come from a non-smoking household with cats, but the cats are not allowed on or near the doujinshi (they've also been in a ziplock bag for the last year). I'm selling these because I am not particularly enamored of them and figure that someone else should have the chance to love them. Or something.

Anyhow, I broke them up by fandom, and did my best to describe them -- the title of the doujin links to a scan of the front and back covers. All of them are the same size (somewhere between 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 14); pricing and descriptions are below.

Quick preview: 2 Yami No Matsuei; 1 each Yu Yu Hakusho, FFVII, Saiyuki.

Doujin are $10 (US) each. Shipping is a flat $5.00, which covers postage, insurance, and fuel -- and that's the shipping if you buy one or all six. I'll ship to AK, HI, Canada, APO/FPO, and PO boxes; I accept Paypal and money orders. If you want one, either leave a comment stating so or send an email to me: birdseatbugs {at} gmail [dot] com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I did NOT break the spines to make the scans of the interior pages, just in case anyone was worried.


Book of Hakkai Goku Vol. 6
Presented/Stories by: Kai T and Rin Y.
Interior: 42 black-and-white pages total, including 18 pages of manga, followed by 14 of plain (Japanese) text [text story seems to be called 'Caricature']. Includes author's notes after the story and full-color cover.
Content Rating (based purely on the manga, because I can recognize a good 35 kanji but I can't read/understand them in text): PG-16 for remembered violence, pantsless Goku getting hugged, and Goku and Hakkai sleeping in the same bed.

Yami No Matsuei [Descendents Of Darkness]
Presented/Stories by: ZOO.
Interior: 34 pages, all manga or large illustration(s); full color cover with B/W pages. Tsuzuki x Tatsumi, very very teensy smidge Tsuzuki x Hisoka.
Content Rating: Soft R for implied sex and the presence of Muraki.

Violet Garden 2
Presented/Stories by: Back Stage, Penguin, Power, and D-Clock.
Interior: 38 pages total; full-color cover, B/W interior. Primarily text; illustrated pages imply Tatsumi x Tsuzuki (it's kind of hard to tell).
Content Rating: based solely on the illustrations, G. Again, I can't read the kanji-heavy text, which could be describing XXXX-rated acts involving circus animals and various surgical tools, so.

Final Fantasy VII:
Best Couple/Only Book Vincent [heart] Cloud
Presented/Stories by: Erio-Hori; possibly em oh hodorigumi! or em oh matsurigami!
Interior: 26 pages, all manga or large illustration(s), black-and-pinkish-orange and black-and-blue, silver cover with Cloud and Vincent in full color. Short story, nicely illustrated.
Content Rating: NC-17 for relatively graphic sex and drugs. In addition, Cloud looks like he's about 12 or so, if that kind of thing bothers you (see cover scan for a sample panel).

Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Kanji I Can't Read.
Presented/Stories by: More Kanji I Can't Read
Interior: 38 pages, all manga or large illustration(s), B/W with a full-color cover. Hiei x Kurama. The art style in this one is very unusal, almost more like Nana than YYH.
Content Rating: PG-16 for blood and some violence.


Again, if you'd like one (or two, or all five...), please leave a comment or drop me a line: birdseatbugs [at] gmail {dot} com. Thanks for looking!

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