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Hi still selling stuff just make an offer on what you want or offer a trade. I'm currently looking for any Japanese clothing (free size preferably), shoes size 10 or  any Sweet Lolita Items, but I do accept any type of trade as well. Selling items from Hana Kimi, Angel Sanctuary, Beauty Pop, Lovely Complex, Battle Royale, Death Note, Ayumi Hamasaki, TM Revolution, and DA Family Fliers (Hiroyuki Takami, Daisuke Asakura, and Iceman)

Hana Kimi vol.3, Angel Sanctuary vol.1

Beauty Pop vol.2, Lovely Complex vol. 2

Battle Royale vol.1

Death note

Jpop (cds and fliers)
Ayumi Hamasaki Duty (Chinese version)

TM Revolution/ Nami Tamaki DVD Sampler

Daisuke Asakura fliers (2)make offer

Fliers Hiroyuki Takami and TM Revolution (2) Daisuke Asakura Brochure (1)
Make offer

Iceman Flier (1)

Feel free to offer any price or even trade Thank you

Tags: doujinshi, fliers, manga: english, music: jpop

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