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hopefully those of you who purchase things on je_sales or any other je sales type comm watch this community!
i just suggest that before you buy anything from tegomassislove that you ask for the exact condition its in. she sent
me a f*cked uchiwa. you can see it here (the vid may be a little overreacting but WHO wants to get messed up things?!)
theres no proof that it could have gotten messed up during shipment. but i demanded for a compensation fee and she
said "i cant give you any money" and started offering me a whole bunch of things in which i had to pay for shipping @_@
i asked for a small amount of money back ($5??) since i know i cant sell it for much now. and she says (not the exact
words but basically the jist of it) "i'll sell it for you. i'll make a new lj account. sell it without telling them the condition, when
they pay , ill delete the account, and you can get your money back!" O_O i mean COME ON! how effed up can you get ?!

well, that's it. im not saying to NOT buy from her because idk if she's done it to others....  but just be out on the lookout for
those kinds of people! ALWAYS ASK ABOUT THE CONDITION

Tags: !scammer, idols: johnny's

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