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Delete Manga Paper and Anime Figures for sale

Please respond here or send your queries to nekoqueenbastet @ yahoo . com. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay. My shipping day is Saturday, as I work Monday through Friday.

Deleter Manga Paper
Three unopened packs of Deleter Comic Strip 4 Paper in A4 size. Here is the paper on akadot retail. I had this awesome idea for a 4strip comic series but I've got too many projects and don't feel like holding onto them. $5 each.

Anime Figures
These have been in my attic for well over a year. These are as is, no original packaging or anything. Most of them are kind of dusty. Most of these I got at anime conventions, I think one or two I got at hot topic when they were selling figures. I tried to wipe them off a little but god damn I had alot of figures.


Vash the Stampede, Silver repaint. I got it a while ago, comes with three peice stand, vash, an extra arm and his gun. Oh and kuroneko. Approximately 8" tall. Asking $5 HOLD

I think the original price on these guys is like $15? I don't remember.

This guy. I don't remember his name. Between 4-5" tall. $5

Zazie the Beast and Midvalley the Horn Freak. Between 3.5-5" tall. $5 ea

One Piece
From those guess whos in this thing?! Boxes. Nami on the left, Sanji on the right. About 1.5" tall. SOLD

Naruto figures, Kabuto (in the back), Jiraya (middle left), Ino (middle right) and Naruto (Bottom). Sasuke is a free gift, because he can't stand. 1.5-2" tall. $1 each SOLD OUT

Hunter X Hunter

I spent FOREVER hunting down these pieces. They are no longer in production and had taken me 4 cons to track down all the figures (this is the full set). Original price varies because of con mark-up. $12 was the price when I bought the first three, $20 when I bought the last two because they had already been discontinued at that point. T_T Asking $8 each, because I like them. Approximately 4-6" tall. HISOKA, GON AND KILLUA SOLD! 


Ceres from Hellsing. Approximately 5" tall. Gun 8". Asking $5. HOLD

Full Metal Alchemist

The guy on the left I have two of, one is still in the package. I got a duplicate. Then Hughes and SILVER!Lust. Apparently she was rare, but somehow I got two of her and no normal lust. >_> I gave away the other silver lust to a friend. 3.5" tallish. $2 each.


Death from Sandman. 1.5" tall. $2


Canti from FLCL. I definitely got this one at hot t opic. 4.5" tall, about. Maybe 5. I'm just eyeballing these things anyways... $8. If no one buys him I won't be heartbroken. I'll put him on my desk at work.  ON HOLD

Missing Peices

Gojyo from Saiyuki on the left and Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha on the right. Just offer me on these, I'm not sure what to ask. Both are missing their weapons. I have no idea where they are. Original price on Gojyo was $25, Sesshoumaru was $15 so you can tell me what you would be willing to pay for it. 

: If you buy over $15 worth of stuff (that includes any of my doll sales), you can pick one of these two figures sets and I'll throw it in.

Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo. I lost her stand and her sword broke, thus making it impossible for her to stand. If ou were crafty you could make a set and glue her on it, but that's about it.

Payment Options: I currently only have a paypal PERSONAL account, meaning I CANNOT accept paypal credit card payments on that account. I also accept well-concealed cash and money orders via snail mail.

Shipping: For all 3D items, shipping is $5.50 for priority with insurance and del conf in a small box in the USA. Items that can fit in a priority flatrate envelope are $5.05. Domestic first class mail is $3. Insurance is extra based on this scale:
Fee . . . . . . . . . . Insurance Coverage
$1.65 ................ $0.01 to $50
$2.05 ................ $50.01 to $100
$2.45 ................ $100.01 to $200
$4.60 ................ $200.01 to $300
$5.50 ................ $300.01 to $400
$6.40 ................ $400.01 to $500

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