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I've only just recieved this and quickly discovered that it doesn't suit me [I only tried it on]. This is a gorgeous, deconstructed, milky white cardigan with black and red print. The previous owner had this in storage for a time so [as you can see in the picture] there is a couple of marks/stains due to being in storage. But I've been told by a seamstress and friends that these would come out easily using a product like Vanish or soaking in warm water and lemon. They are not super bad as you can see and it's not a problem all over the cardigan..just in a few area's. This is on the larger side so suitable for plus size or, as it was ideally intended, to be worn slouchy/oversized. It would look great either way!

I am after what I paid, which was $55/£27.70. This covers Airmail/1st Class postage but not insurance. Please keep that in mind. I do encourage people to pay the extra for insurance but it is entirely up to the buyer. This will be posted from the UK and I'll only accept Paypal from international buyers.

Measurements [Approximate] -- Bust 114cm [all the way around], Length 71cm [from shoulder to hem]

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