Pirate Miisha (piratemiisha) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Pirate Miisha

This is just some stuff I've not advertised in a while...


Parody of...TitleCondition and commentsPrice
Guilty GearHaitoku no Juujika30 pages, near perfect, Bridget story...HENTAI.$8
TM Revolution, Kinki KidsLove Love AishiteruLittle bit of shounen ai. Some text-only, some comic.$7
OriginalCocktail BookShonen ai stories. This doujinshi has to be from the mid-early `80's and is a little bit worn.$5
OriginalHuman WolfLots of bishounen. Shounen ai.$6


Cats "Souvenir Brochure"Worn. Old. Probably from the 80's. Still kinda cool if you like Cats though.$5
Dragon Ball GT Perfect FileContains art and color comics of the first part of Dragon Ball GT. Very good condition except it has a sticker sheet in it and I used some of the stickers.$6
Tokyo XRetails for $35 :p Great condition. Black and white photobook of various artful Japanese scenes.$20

Nintendo Games

TitleCondition and comments (All Nintendo games are old and used but they all still work)Price
Double Dragon 2....$5
Dragon PowerThis is actually a dragon ball game...$5
Duck HuntI also have the gun if you want it.$5
Duck Hunt GunWell you need the gun to play.$5
R.C. Pro-AmThis game sucks.$5
Super Mario BrothersSwing your arms...$5

Trading and Playing Cards

Akira Trading Cards48 or so$10
Final Fantasy 8 trading cardsLot of 11+...random X/1999 card...?$3
hide trading cardsLot of 10$5
"Pioneer" Promotional playing cardsVarious anime$2
Slayers playing cardsSparkly backs$3
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