Jupiter (jupiter4) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Here's what I have: Original US printing of Ranma 1/2, (you know, those bigger volumes that were different colors and had small images on the covers). Each is worth $14.99. I am selling vol. 1-16 for $10 each or $135 for the whole lot, plus shipping, whatever type you want from the US Postal Service.

I also have Dragon Ball Z vol. 1 for $7 (originally $10), Trigun vol. 1 for $10 (originally $15) and Peach Girl vol. 2,3, and 5-8 for $7 each or all 6 for $37 (originally $10 each), all plus shipping.

I recommend Media Mail if you want more than two manga books.

either post here or send an email to aresgoddess@yahoo.com.
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