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I've got;
Sanzo x Goku Doujinshi
[1] [2] 
20 pages long
a bonus story at end (just words, no pictures)
it is rated R-NC-17 because there is sex.
Like new still in plastic packaging
tiny bent on top left corner
$13 shipped in the US

Full Metal Alchemist Official Fanbook vol. 5
[1] [2] [3] <--(an extra poster that is included)
20 pages long
recounts the last episodes of the series
includes interviews with the voice actors, and other people involved with making the anime
extra poster pictured above
new condition
$14 shipped in US

Little Kid Alphonse Cell Phone Charm November
New in packaging
$7 shipped in US

A Chibi Ringo Figurine
Still in plastic wrapping; only taken out of box for picture
2 inches tall
$10 shipped in US

Spitfire Cell Phone Charm
the charm is metal
new condition, still in plastic packaging
$7 shipped in US

Itachi Keychains
One is in an Akatsuki Uniform
The other is in an ANBU uniform
I'd say 1 1/2 inches tall ea.
New condition, still in plastic wrapping
$5 shipped ea. in the US

Yoki Koto Kiku Signed by Manga-ka Koge Donbo
New condition
Signed by Koge Donbo when she was at Otakon
$10 shipped in US

Payment Methods: I take CC and non-CC paypal, and concealed cash.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask!
If there are problems with pricing, or if you think they are unfair, feel free to let me now and we can work something out!

Tags: anime

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