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Hello, my money-bearing friends.~~~

Some more stuff for sale, some of the stuff left over from last time.

Excel Saga R1 DVDs 1-2 - good condition, only watched a couple of times. $8 each.

Manga (All manga is in Japanese):
Alichino 1-3 - beautiful binding and slipcase, gorgeous artwork, very high quality. Has color pages. Pretty damn expensive, so I'm asking $5 each.
Fruits Basket 1-12 + character guide book - good condition. Tanks are $3 each, the guide book is $8.
Goho Drug 1-3 - good condition. $4 each.
Hitsuji no Namida 1-4 - good condition, $3 each.
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1-7 (complete) - good condition. $3 each.
NANA 7.8 guide book - good condition, $6. Hot and sexy.
Paradise Kiss 1-5 (complete) - good condition. Very high quality publishing, a lot like Alichino's. Has a slipcover and a couple of color pages. $5 each.
Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3 (complete) - good condition, $3 each.

CLAMP North Side - either Kodansha side or Kadokawa Shoten side. If this one isn't the one with Card Captor Sakura, Wish, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chobits and all that art~ the South side is. Gooood condition. $18
CLAMP South Side - either Kadokawa Shoten or Kodansha side. If this one isn't the one with X, Goho Drug, Angelic Layer, Clover and all that art~ the North Side is. Good condition. $18
Hikaru no Go "Sai" artbook - pretty good condition other than the split in the binding down the middle of the book. Not falling apart, that's just the way the binding was when I bought it brand new. Dust cover is dusty. $15.

CDs (all CDs are Japanese press):
Gackt - Crescent. Very good condition, first press. $13.
Gackt - Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume single. Good condition. $7
Gackt - Mizerable. Good condition, $11
Gackt - MOON - slipcase is scratched up, everything is otherwise fine. $10

Arena 37c - 2003.05 (Dir en grey on cover) - good condition. $8
Arena 37c - 2004.02 (Psycho le Cemu on cover) - good condition. $8
Arena 37c - 2004.10 (Rag Fair on cover) - good condition. $8

I can provide pictures for everything if you request them, but keep in mind that it's a lot quicker to check on Amazon Japan if you want pictures of the CDs or manga. =)

Payment method is US cash or POSTAL money order only. Don't be a bad kid and send me a check and then not reimburse me the $2 it costs me to cash it =( It's disheartening.

Thanks for looking <333~~ please buy, Akibado wants their money.
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