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Moving Sale !!! --- x-posted --

I'm moving out of my dormitory for good and I believe I have some funstuff lying around that I would rather give up or trade than drag with me to my new home. So please, check it out!


(all manga is in english in lovely condition. slight bookshelf wear where applicable. photos available on request, but they probably won't be any good...)

X-Day Vol 1 & 2 (sold seperate 5 dollars each, sold as a set for 10 dollars)(this is also entire set of series)

DN Angel Vol 1 & 2 (sold seperate 5 dollars each, sold as a set for 10 dollars)

Seven of Seven Vol 1 (4 dollars)

Full Metal Panic Vol 1 & 2(sold seperate 6 dollars each, sold as a set for 12 dollars)

FLCL Vol 2 (5 dollars)

INVU Vol 1 & 2 (sold seperate 4 dollars each, sold as a set for 8 dollars)

GTO [Great Teacher Onizuka] Vol 2 & 3 (4 dollars each, sold as a set for 8 dollars)

Battle Royale Vol 1 & 2 (5 dollars each, sold as a set for 10)

Shipping on manga is 2 dollars for up to 2 books and 1 dollar added for each additional book.

UFO Plushies

Cho Hakkai plushie from Saiyuki w/o tags (12 dollars, 3 dollars shipping) (pending, perhaps)


Martian Successor NADESICO CD-001, feat. Theme Song (4 dollars, 2 shipping)


Witch Hunter Robin Vol 1 (9 dollars, 2 shipping)


Cowboy Bebop Black & White Wallscroll

Design: Image hosted by

(9 dollars, 3 shipping)

Fruits Basket Wall Scroll

Design: Image hosted by minus all the writing on the left)

(9 dollars, 3 shipping)


Feitan from Hunter x Hunter outfit

Image hosted by

(price negotiable, sizing is freeish, I would say a large but exact measurements can be provided if necessary)

Shipping and such can be combined on combo orders and all that jazz. as for trades, here is what i'm interested in. (manga in english!!!)

mars 9+
peach girl 4+
dreamcast (games: project justice, jet grind radio, space channel 5)
xxxholic 3+
bleach 2+
prince of tennis 2+
saikano 3+ (dvd vol 3+)
kizuna 2+

thanks for your time and patience kids!

[paypal prefered, ebay street cred avail if you need some proof, well concealed cash also accepted. i'm not responsible for lost or misdirected/misinformed mail. i'm also not a scary monster and if you really want something or wanna make bargains and such with me - i'm all ears!]
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