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Cosplay Items for Sale(for a friend of mine) Round 2!

Hello I'm posting again for my friend lakari. This is her stuff for sale, so I'll be putting them under an lj-cut cause the pics are big.

Length: Goes down to the middle of the back, see pictures for more accuracy
Color: Wine Red

I used the wig for my Esther Blanchett cosplay.
Asking Price: $40, it is a high quality wig and it feels smooth and silky :)

Wig 2:
Length: Chin length, bob-head style
Color: Brown

Asking Price: $40, it is very smooth, silky and thick. Perfect for Suzumiya cosplay!

Wig 3:
Length: Short style
Color: Brown

Asking Price: $30, it is in mint condition and is perfect for Syaoran cosplay!

Pleated short black skirt:
Length: 15 inches
Waist:29 inches
Includes: a cute bow tie belt
Asking Price: $24

All shipping and handling costs are $5 for each item. I accept non credit/debit card paypal payments. If you have any questions please email me at lakari.chan@gmail.com. My paypal is lakari.chan@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

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