Alita (angelachibayuy) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Moving to Japan Sale - First Installment

Selling off this Mahjong set. Bought it on a whim because I wanted to play again as I played a little when I went to Japan but then realized I knew no one who could play actual Mahjong.  Has been opened and pieces removed from packaging to the storage slots in the board, but never played with.  In perfect condition though you might find a few strands of cat hair on it, it's inevitable with having cats running around my house, I even breath the stuff half the time.

Pieces are about half the size of normal mahjong pieces, something around the size of a quarter.  Here are pictures:

Selling including shipping: $35

Email me at alita87[@]gmail[.]com or post here if interested.  This will be the same email used for paypal transactions.  Preferred method of payment is paypal but other methods can be negotiated.

More items will be posted in a couple of weeks ^_^

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