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Behind the cut there's stuff such as Swimmer headphones, Japanese fashion and music magazines, and things from series like Angelic Layer, Chobits, Ah! My Goddess, and Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances.

Items are located in CA, USA and are used but in good condition. I would prefer to ship within the US but international is fine too (be aware that shipping will be more expensive) Shipping is based on weight and where you live.

Paypal only, please! (Credit card or bank transfer is fine. Fees apply, calculated with

My contact info:
-Email: at

LJ Feedback
eBay Feedback Ok, so there's only five...

Swimmer headphones - ladybug pattern: $35
Another pic of the ladybugs
Strawberry Cake Bracelet by tealeaf_sales: $15

Stickers, Postcards, Etc.
Ah! My Goddess 2-Sided Pencilboard: $7
The other side
Set of Chobits Postcards: $12

Kera March 2006: $6
Kera May 2006: $6
Kera July 2006: $6
Kera August 2006: $6
Zipper August 2006: $5
MusiQ? vol. 3 - Miyavi cover: $8
CD Data October 2006- Koda Kumi cover: $6
Pati-Pati - Vol. 232 April 2004 - The Gospellers cover: $8 ON HOLD
Sweet - August 2006 - Amuro Namie cover: $9
Comes with furoku - Betsey Johnson cherry flipflops
CUTiE March 2006: $6
CUTiE June 2006: $6
CUTiE July 2006: $6
CUTiE October 2003: $6
CUTiE December 2003: $6

Anime DVDs
Princess Mononoke: $8
Chobits Vol. 1 and 2: $8 each, $12 for both
Ah! My Goddess the Movie: $8
Includes a two-sided pencil board:
One side
The other side
His and Her Circumstances box containing vol. 1 and 2: $12
Pictures of the box: 1 2 3
Angelic Layer Thinpak Boxset (five discs, complete): $30 SOLD
Another picture of the box
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