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07 May 2008 @ 03:45 pm
selling; Rockoon!  
rockoon! nr. 04 - april 2008 (girugamesh, merry)
Simple Plan (4 pages!)
Cinema Bizarre (6 pages!)
Jared Leto
Madina Lake
Avril Lavigne
Lovex (6 pages!)
Die Happy
Still Remains
Panic At The Disco
Paramore (4 pages!)
Emilie Autumn
Anti-Flag (4 pages!)
In Flames (4 pages!)
Jennifer Rostock (4 pages!)
Cinema Bizarre (Kiro)
Empty Trash
Panik (David)
Bullet For My Valentine
Panic At The Disco
the Kyo and Kagerou posters are taken out! the only posters in it are Blaqk audio and sum41!

rockoon nr. 05 - may 2008 (kaggra, Xjapan, versailles, & more)
Interviews mit:
Bullet For My Valentine (4 pages!)
Dúné (4 pages!)
Kagrra, (4 pages!)
In Flames
HIM (4 pages!)
Jesus On Extasy (3 pages!)
More Than Crossed
Cinema Bizarre (8 pages!)
In Extremo
Matenrou Opera
Madsen (4 pages!)
Nightwish (4 pages!)
Panic At The Disco (3 pages!)
Keith Caputo
Panik (Franky)
Bullet For My Valentine
Cinema Bizarre (Luminor)
An Cafe
The Candy Spooky Theater
Simple Plan
Versailles & Matenrou Opera
X JAPAN (8 pages!)
Toshiya poster is taken out! posters left over; him, my chemical romance, simple plan, lovex.

these magazines are in GERMAN and originally cost €4,50 each.
i only bought them for the Kyo and Toshiya posters.

-place a bid or a trade (in euro's or US dollars)
-i ship from the netherlands
-paypal only
-shipping depends on your country
-i don't trade for manga/anime.