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Full Metal Panic, Cowboy Bebop, Chrono Trigger, More...

Hello. I have a weird mash-up of stuff for sale today. The featured item is this set of Mon-Sieur BOME Full Metal Panic figures:


Other items and their pictures and details are under the cut. Thanks for looking! I take paypal, money orders, and concealed cash.


As you can see these are brand-new and have never been removed from their packaging. They each come with a stand so you can display them. These are very rare and beautiful figures, and I'm really just looking for the price I paid for them, which was $35. Online in other places, you'll pay at least TWICE that much, so I got a steal.
$35 (Shipping depends on your location)


I'm selling the PSX version of Chrono Trigger. As you can see it comes in the Final Fantasy Chronicles Set that also comes with Final Fantasy IV. The reason why I am just selling Chrono Trigger is because I CANNOT guarantee that Final Fantasy IV might work. The Final Fantasy IV CD has a big surface scratch and I have not tested it. However, Chrono Trigger is flawless and brand-new.

$10 shipped in US.


Sorry the picture washes out her face so much. She has a pale complexion and in real life her red lips and blue eyes pop, but I had a hard time photographing it. This figure is really pretty and hard to find now, but the flaw with mine is that she is missing one of her hands. You can't tell when she is displayed, and sadly I discovered it as I was taking her down to photograph >.o But I figured I would put it up anyway just in case. She is ultra-cheap because of the hand. I will send the original box she came in if you request, but the shipping will be a bit more.

$7 shipped in US WITH ORIGINAL BOX


This is a brand-new set of San-X Rainbow Nyanko Party stationary. It is SO cute >.o Comes with 8 rainbow foil-like envelopes and 24 sheets of stationary. Hoping to get $6 shipped for that. Seriously some of the cutest stationary you will ever see, lol.

$6 shipped in US
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