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07 May 2008 @ 07:43 pm
Shop Updated!  
Everything in my shop is now updated and I'm ready to make some sales!
...or trades!
Yes, I love trading so feel free to ask.
I also really want to clear out my shop so I can start wholesaling items. I won't do this until all my "garage sale" items can fit in to one category. So please feel free to make offers on anything!

  • anime merch, furoku, dvds, manga, figures, promo items
  • clothing, jewelry, accessories, purses
  • makeup, lotions, sprays, hair care
  • kawaii stationery, grabbies, pens, pencils
  • japanese fashion magazines
  • punk/goth non-brand and brand items
  • maid girl pin-up, j-rock fliers/cards
  • tons of freebies
  • and lots more!!!