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Gloomy bear items for sale!!

Hi guys!!

I've recently gotten into Gloomy bear, and thought that some of you lovely ladies might be as well, so I'm selling some extras I have: A limited edition gloomy bear bag, and gloomy bear slippers. Both are super cute.

Here's the bag:

Image hosted by

Pretty cute huh :3 I paid quite a bit for this, so I'm hoping for a bit. Leave your offers here :D
Keep in mind that this was a limited edition bag that my Japanese friend sent me, that you can no longer get (that's what she said.)

And here are the slippers (sorry these pictures are so dark!! They were taken with my camera phone):

Front shot:
Image hosted by

The tags:
Image hosted by

And these amazing little claws on the back of the slipper:
Image hosted by
Aren't they fantastic?!
They look like just about 10.5" inches long and 6" across at the head part (where you pop your foot in).

I have a pair, and I wear a 7.5-ish. The slippers could for smaller or slightly bigger feet. They're versatile. And as soon as they're broken in, I'm sure they'd fit bigger feet.

Ok guys, so if you leave your offers, highest person gets them!! Let's see... This is an open bidding that should end... hmmm... April 24th.

I accept all forms of payment, but concealed cash, because that scares me.

Oh! Almost forgot. You can email me with anything at

Happy bidding!!

All bidding at this entry in my journal please

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