Usagi Kawaii koneko-chan(cute Kitten) (pgsm_usagi) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Usagi Kawaii koneko-chan(cute Kitten)

hello all..
Some of it won't have pictures and for that i'm sorry.
I'll sell the whole lot for 65.00. if you buy the lot then you will get free shipping in the us only.
I still don't have a camara but i did have some pics I took before my cam broke.
11.5 blue box(no box) uranus doll.. great condition.. has all her items and her stand.
sailor moon music cd- works great-sm best song collection
sailor moon season 1 and 2-(i think it's bootleg not sure)
Tuxedo kamen plushie
deck of sailor moon playing cards.
several 6 inh sailor moon dolls-wicked lady,venus,chibimoon,mercury,
sailor moon sailor stars dvd(bootleg)
sailor moon notebook(small) with stickers
sailor moon hanky (never used) with eternal sailor moon and the inner senshi.
prince endymion keychhain still in package
pgsm cell phone with cards(cosplay item)
1 pocket mix sailor moon manga.
1 set of sailor moon feathered hair clips(cosplay)
paypal only
plus 2 free surprise gifts..

Sailor Moon Stars-Photobucket
season 1-Photobucket
season 2-Photobucket
Feathered hair clips-Photobucket

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