what you were then i am today (nozomi_no_da) wrote in garagesalejapan,
what you were then i am today

Still have plenty of anime and manga merchandise for sale, including items from:

Fruits Basket, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Sailormoon, Tsubasa Chronicle/xxxHOLiC, Hikaru no Go, Hunter x Hunter, Get Backers, CLAMP no Kiseki, Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist, Saiyuki, Inuyasha, Imadoki, Comic Party, Yu Yu Hakusho, FLCL, AIR, Naruto, Sword of Mana, You Higuri

Items include manga, DVDs, artbooks, shitajiki, stamps, postcards, plushies, stationary, doujinshi, and doujinshi goods.

Find them all here!!

Also, I am looking for Supernatural doujinshi, especially ones by the circle 18 ag kreis/shisinden.
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