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Need to get rid of some items!

Hi! Due to some recent immediate payments I need to pay off on my car, I'm putting up various items for sale. For now I'll just be putting up some series to see if anyone is interested. If you are, I'll be happy to send images of that specific title to you.

So right now, here is the manga I have to offer. Just the series are listed, but if you want/need a specific volume, please reply with which one you are interested in:

Peach Girl (left to right format)
Peach Girl: Change of Heart
Kare Kano
Love Hina
DragonBall Z
Urusei Yatsura
Maison Ikkoku
Ranma 1/2 (both the larger size and smaller size editions)
Magic Knights Rayearth ( left to right larger size format)
X/1999 (larger format)
Ah! My Goddess
Fushigi Yuugi (larger format)
Gravitation (both Tokyopop and Japanese editions)
Inu Yasha (larger format)

All of the right to left, smaller format editions are on sale for $8 each, while the larger, right to left sizes are all $10 each, minus shipping

I also have some Gothic and Lolita bibles, as well as three issues of Cosmode magazine I'd be willing to part with. These are $12 each, minus shipping, if you'd like them. If there's a specific issue of the Gothic and Lolita Bible that you're looking for, if you could send a picture of which one you want in the comments box, it'll be easier for me to tell you if I have it available.

Payment wise, I take Paypal (preferred) and money orders. Thanks!
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