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J-Rock, Anime/Manga merchandise for sale.

Hi, I have recently cleaned out my room and I have a whole lot of stuff that I really need to part with. ^_^;; Some rare and not-so-rare J-rock CDs and demotapes, calendar pages, videos, G&L Bibles, and anime and manga artbooks, doujinshi, and various merchandise items.

Please MAKE ME AN OFFER for any of the items listed. My email address is cassiel (at) crysania (dot) com. I would prefer emails to comments as it takes me longer to see comments.

All my items are in very good condition unless noted otherwise.


Dir en grey
I have all the calendar pages from the 2001, 2002 and 2003 official calendars for sale. I'll sell them per page. If you don't know what they look like, email me and I'll try to take pics. Hopefully you do know because they're so big that they're a pain to photograph. *grin* All are in pristine condition. ^o^

2001 Calendar:
- Jan/Feb: Kaoru
- Mar/Apr: Kyo
- May/Jun: Shinya
- Jul/Aug: Toshiya
- Sep/Oct: Die
- Nov/Dec: Dir en grey

2002 Calendar:
- Jan/Feb: Kyo
- Mar/Apr: Kaoru SOLD
- May/Jun: Die
- Jul/Aug: Toshiya
- Sep/Oct: Shinya
- Nov/Dec: Dir en grey

2003 Calendar:
- Jan/Feb: Shinya
- Mar/Apr: Toshiya SOLD
- May/Jun: Die
- Jul/Aug: Kaoru
- Sep/Oct: Kyo
- Nov/Dec: Dir en grey

* hide Plushies - I have two of these. I'm only a casual hide fan so I don't know what they're called but here are pictures: first one SOLD, second one. I'll sell them separately or together, either way is fine.

* Gill'e Cadith poster - from their ura otome zetsuin file release. Here is a picture of it. Here is close-ups of the band member pics on it. It has a small tear on the top left side of it, as shown here. It has never been hung on a wall, though, and is in very good condition otherwise. ON HOLD

* Baroque - Tokyo Stripper Limited Edition silver can version SOLD

* Malefice Dia final video - this is the promo video handed out at their final live before they disbanded. The only way to receive this video was to book tickets for the final live in advance through the band.

* Third Stage 9th Anniversary Special Message Video - features messages from Psycho Le Cemu, ElDorado, Jakura, Syndrome, and Gargoyle. 30 mins long.

* Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 4 - still in very good condition, complete with stickers and pattern. ^_^

* Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 8 - as above. ^_^

* Mesumerian -- F<-()-> SOLD
* Misery -- shikou shougai no boku...XXX? - their first demotape, with their previous line-up. (Kanai, Tomo, Yura, Madoka, and Nao). Pretty rare I guess?
* Suppurate System -- Affekt Pendule - Ryonai from Blam Honey's side project. Their demotapes were hard to come by even when I bought this, 5 years ago. Really cool moody ambient stuff.

* Due le quartz -- Re:plica - single.
* Due le quartz -- rodeo - single.
* Due le quartz -- Last Title SOLD
* Kagrra -- Yume Izuru Chi - single. ON HOLD
* Kagrra -- Kirameki - mini-album. ON HOLD
* Doremidan - kaboucha no basho wa mach GO GO! SOLD
* d.p.s. - Heartbreak Bandits - full album.
* Future Invasion Dream omnibus SOLD
* Hysteric Media Zone 2 omnibus - 2 songs each by ICONOCLASM, Me dousa, replicant, REIROU, hotaru and zero.
* Hysteric Media Zone 3 omnibus - 2 songs each by ArucarD, Calmando Qual, Azure muse'e, gurimu, kegare, porori, emmure'e and RusH.

* Fruits Basket mini playing cards - deck of mini playing cards (about half the size of normal ones) complete with their own little box. All feature pictures from the FruitsBasket manga, including little symbols of the characters in animal form instead of the normal spades/hearts/diamonds/clubs. ^^ Super cute. Only came as a gift with an issue of Hana to Yume magazine, so not available for sale anywhere. Here's scans of the Yuki set, the Kyo set, the Tohru set and the other characters set. ^^ ON HOLD
* Naruto keychain - I got about 5 of these out of a gashapon machine while trying to get Kakashi. ^^; It looks like this. ^^ Note that it is still mint and wrapped in its packaging, this is just a picture of my own.
* Chouji keychain - from the same set as the above keychain, except of Chouji! Here is a picture of it -- this one is still wrapped as I don't have my own one.
* Houshin Engi fastener mascot - Youzen - something to hang off a zipper or something. Very cute. ^_^ Pic here.
* W-Juliet Box - box designed to hold your W-Juliet manga.. or anything else you feel like putting in it. Very cool. ^^ Pics here. ON HOLD
* Hana To Yume postcard set - set of postcards that came with Hana to Yume in mid 2000 to celebrate summer. Features the mangas Angel Sanctuary, Ohoshi-sama ni Onegai!, Yorozuya Tokaido Honpo, W Juliet, Never Give Up! and Shanimuni GO. Pictures here.
* FF7 doujinshi - Vincent Dokuhon vol 1 - done by the circle Dr Ochanomizu. The Vincent Dokuhon (Vincent Reader) series was very popular. ^^ Unsurprisingly, focuses on Vincent, all stories based around him. ^^ Has 42 pages, mostly stories and pictures. Mostly comedic or silly/sweet stories. Some serious. Is yaoi/shounen ai inclined. Has a brief Cid/Vincent scene, and an angsty Hojo/Vincent story. Some pics here.
* Ayashi No Ceres (Ceres: Celestial Legend) Artbook - this is a Japanese artbook, but it's mostly pictures so it doesn't matter. ^_^ Here is a photo of the cover -- I can take some example photos of the inside pages if necessary.
* SuperWorks Volume 5 Posterboard set - beautiful large posterboards of artwork by mangaka Endoh Akira. Scans can be found here.
* SuperWorks Volume 6 Posterboard set - beautiful large posterboards of artwork by mangaka Morimoto Shuu. Scans can be found here.
* SuperWorks Volume 7 Posterboard set - beautiful large posterboards of artwork by mangaka Hashiba Maki. Scans can be found here.
* Clamp - Shirahime Shou manga - original first Japanese edition released in 1992. Out of print for a very long time. Has a different cover to the 2001 rerelease. Cover pic here.
* Trigun doujinshi - RED - this is a mostly text doujinshi containing stories written in Japanese and so would be good for someone who can read Japanese. It has 26 pages -- 10 are pics, the rest are stories. It is a doujinshi focused on Vash and Wolfwood. Cover art is here, back cover art is here.
* Trijun doujinshi - An Eclipse - this is a mostly text doujinshi containing stories written in Japanese and so would be good for someone who can read Japanese. It has 28 pages -- 2 are pics, the rest are stories. It is focused on Vash and Wolfwood and seems to be yaoi inclined. Cover art is here, back cover art is here.
* Trijun doujinshi - No Name - this is a mostly text doujinshi containing stories written in Japanese and so would be good for someone who can read Japanese. It has 24 pages -- 3 are pics, the rest are stories. It is focused on Legato Bluesummers, the Gung Ho Guns particularly Midvalley, and Knives. Cover art is here.

The following items are bootleg items that nonetheless I feel that I would want someone to enjoy. Therefore, I will throw them in for free if you buy other items and are the first to ask for them. (Note that I will only throw in the posters for free if you are buying other posters.)

* Clamp Campus Detectives poster - one of those laminated Korean bootlegs but still a nice poster that I want someone to enjoy! ^^ Same as this pic but without the text at the top.
* Fatal Fury poster - same as above, Korean bootleg. Same as this pic.
* Fushigi Yuugi - Character Vocal Memories CD - CD of all the character vocal songs from the Fushigi Yuugi anime. This is a bootleg SonMay release and I just want it to go to someone who'd enjoy listening to it.

I only accept PayPal for payment (I can also accept PayPal CC payments) unless you live in Australia, in which case I accept direct bank deposits as well. I do NOT accept money orders. All shipping will be per cost based on weight, via Airmail from Australia. Posters/calendar pages can be combine shipped with each other, but can not be combine shipped with other items.

Thanks for looking! ^_^
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