Fumika (superspazmizu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

A long shot.

So. 4 years ago, I went to a Do As Infinity concert with my friends and boyfriend and it was amazing. It was the Gates of Heaven concert in America, one of only two shows ever in the States.

We all bought all kinds of paraphenalia, including t-shirts and wristbands.

Later that year my boyfriend let me borrow his wristband and... I lost it. Yes, I lost a limited edition concert wristband.

Anyway, He calls me today to tell me that he saw something today that reminded him of how pissed off he was when I lost it.

I am today offering any amount of money you ask for (within reason) if you have this wristband.
I will also part with my autographed edition of Do the Live that I got that night.

Also accepting suggestions on where I can find one.

Oh crap i found one...

I remember seeing someone on this comm who will buy things in japan for a fee... does anyone remember who that was?
Tags: fashion: general, music: jpop

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