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14 May 2008 @ 12:49 am
so i just found out that i live next to a japanese market, which is really kickass for me. so i decided to share the love. basically every saturday i'll go down to mitsuwa with a list, buy all the items requested, and ship them off, same day. i'm not going to be charging alot (just basically gas money and tax) because i know that having to pay $10 on a $5 item is stupid.

anyway what i'm requesting is 20% + item price + shipping. there is no limit on how much you can order through me, aulthough keep in mind 50 boxes of pocky and ramune can get very pricey shipping-wise.

i really only except paypal, but i can be persuaded once in a while to accept concealed cash (at your own risk, sorry). now i really only have one policy that i'm going to stick by, and that is PLEASE PAY IN ADVANCE! if it is friday night, and you request something without paypalling me the money, i will wait until the payment comes in before i get your item! sorry :<

(( NOTE )) i am not sure if i can ship perishable items (meat, cheese, vegetables). most likely not (sorry). i do not offer refunds if the food items were damaged or spoiled. sorry ;( but i barely make any money of this at all, and it is a lot of work. sorry! also please include the weight and url when you request an item. it makes it easier on me to calculate shipping :). thanks!

here are some links to their online store:  main page | beverages | magazines / books | cookies, deserts, pocky, etc

they have everything from visual kei magazines, to mochi. so if you find something you like post it in the comments!
Karenkarenkk on May 14th, 2008 09:30 am (UTC)
Hi! I'm actually interested in this particular issue of this magazine. http://shop.pia.co.jp/csb/servlet/GoodsDetailView?pagetype=0&startindex=0&sorttype=0&searchmaxvalue=&shopcode=00000024&goodslisttype=2&searchcategory=&searchminvalue=&searchsubcat=1&searchkeyword=&backtogoodslistcommandid=001&sku=00000548&categorycode=
Actually, what I want is the mobile strap/charm that comes with the magazine, but of course I would need to get the magazine to get it. Would you be able to get this for me? I tried to search it on the site you provided, but nothing came up.