H.E. Pennypacker (toshiyarnr) wrote in garagesalejapan,
H.E. Pennypacker

i really need to get rid of this stuff

paypal only.
shipping worldwide from the netherlands.
most items are free shipping, UNLESS you want to buy more items.

Saiyuki volume 4.
$6,- free shipping.

Angel Sanctuary volumes 1, 4
part 8 is sold!
$5,- each, free shipping (if you want them all three, you will have to pay shipping)

Love Hina again DVD
region 2. 3 episodes.
languages are japanese or german
subtitles are only german.
$4,- free shipping

Saiyuki Reload dvd
region 2
4 episodes
languages are japanese and english
subtitles are english.
$10,- free shipping.

cd BAAL - territory of B.A.A.L
$9,- free shipping

double sided take out poster from arena37c special.
$4,50 free shipping

WANDS - brand new love single (mini disc)
still sealed!
make an offer! (free shipping!)
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