ragestuffhere (ragestuffhere) wrote in garagesalejapan,

CDs for sale

I've bought some new cds recently and I really need to make some space for them

$3 for singles
$5 for singles w/DVDs
$7 for albums
$10 for first press
shipping is $3 flat rate within the US

Arashi typhoon single

ARB - El Dorrado

By Sexual - Dynamite Girl single

Delasine - Anything album

J - Pyromania with mini disk first press

Laputa - memai album

Laputa - kagerou

Mika Nakashima - Resistance single

Magazine - Various artists

Pierrot Private Enamy album

Pierrot celluloid

Psycho Le Cemu Ai no Uta + DVD (prism)

RICE (Raphael) Lobaln Album

Rina Aiuchi - Kaze no nai Umi de Dakishimete

Ruyichi Kawamura - Love album 3 singles for an additional $5

Se'kspia - OATH

The Kiss Destination - Girls. be ambitious! single

Vasara - insanity album
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