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Selling Two BLEACH Games under cut

Im selling Bleach: Shattered Blade(For WII) and Bleach: Blade Battlers (For PS2)

Im too lazy to list these games on eBay so I figured that I'd try here.

Im selling two BLEACH games. Both of them come with the original game booklets, as well.

Bleach: Shattered Blade (For Nintendo Wii)
I am selling the American version, so be aware that the voices WILL be in English. I've only played this game ONCE and it is in like new condition. I would like to sell it for $25 Including Priority Mail shipping.

Bleach: Blade Battlers (IMPORT for PS2)
This is the Japanese version, so BE AWARE of that before buying. It will ONLY work on Japanese PS2's. I'd like to sell this for $17 Including Priority Mail shipping. It is used, and has a few minor scratches. The game still plays perfectly.

If you would like any Pictures of these, just ask and I will take them ASAP.

Oh, feel free to make REASONABLE OFFERS as well~

If Interested, please comment. I will only ship to the United States and I will only accept Paypal.
You can view my eBay feedback here

Thanks for your time ^_^
Also, I might accept trades. If your interested in a trade and have any merchandise from Code Geass, Reborn!, or Tsubasa Chronicles then please show me them. ^^
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