Sarah the crab (sarah_the_crab) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Sarah the crab

Jpop & Jrock Cds for Sale

Available for direct Sale:
Amano Tsukiko - Chou
Amano Tsukiko - Sharon Stones
Do As Infinity - New World
Do As Infinity - Need Your Love
Shiina Ringo - Heisei Fuuzoku (Taiwan version)
Aikawa Nanase - ID2
Namie Amuro - Girl Talk / The Speed Star
Hitomi Takahashi - Aozora no Namida (w/dvd)
Cocco - Countdown
Hitomi Yaida - Mawaru Sora
Bonnie Pink - Heaven's Kitchen
DBSK - O (w/photobook)
One Ok Rock - Et cetera
Utada Hikaru - Keep Tryin
Utada Hikaru - First Love
Utada Hikaru - Hikari
Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep a Secret
Utada Hikaru - Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro
Ayumi Hamasaki - Seasons
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x II version US+EU
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x III Acoustic Orchestra
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x II version Acoustic Orchestra
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x II version Acoustic Orchestra
Ayumi Hamasaki - Audience
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x
Dream - Stay~Now I'm Here~
Dream - Process
Dream - Dear...
Dream - Believe in You
Dream - My Will
Dream - Super Eurobeat Euro "dream" land
Hitomi Yaida - Darling Darling
Hitomi Yaida - Kodoku na Cowboy
Hitomi Yaida - Buzzstyle
Kuraki Mai - Like a star in the night
Mikuni Shimokawa - Bird (w/dvd)
Aiko Okumura - Mangekyou
Namie Amuro - Never End
Tommy Heavenly6 - Lollipop Candy Bad Girl (w/dvd)
Misia - The Glory Days
Misia - Believe
Misia - Kokoro Hitotsu
Misia - Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei
Misia - A place in the sun
The Back Horn - Black Hall Birthday (w/dvd)
Road of Major - Bokura Dake no Uta
Mean Machine - Knock on You

For pictures and prices please go to this entry at my personal journal.

For a limited time shipping for each CD within US is only $1. International only $3! Please have a look.
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