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FS:Kawaii Items!

FS: Some Kawaii Items

Hi! Well i am selling some of my kawaii for you lucky guys to have! I hate to see it go but I need cash! Trades are doubtful but you can try if ya want! I may say no but you never know something may catch my eye! Okay now to the serious stuff: I can only accept concealed cash or money orders. I can only ship within the U.S. Shipping prices are not included! All items are up for offer so no set price!
Items Wanted: 

Now for the items!
Here is a cute Gothic Lolita hello Kitty Notepad and sticker set. (The sticker sheet is written on the back) No pages have ever been used r removed. (Barely Noticable) Gray markings are on the cover but that's how i got it (Trade Pending)

"Fun Time" Envolopes! There are 4 and the are in brand new condition! Only opend t count the envolopes.

 Tofu Mini Notepad! No pages missing! In perfect condition! (Hold)
 Very used Chi Chai Monchan Notepad. There are some papers missing ( Quite a bit) and some stickers as well. But the stickers smell like bannana! (Hold)

 Random Notepad pages! There is like one mini and the rest are mediem! They are assorted so it is kinda of like a supprise! There are 17 sheets in this lot.(Hold)
 Cute little cut outs and Nametags! (Hold)

 Orange Story lot of Medium Notepad sheets! 14 in the lot!
 Yellow Bus Lot full of Large Notepad sheets! Some lined and others cutouts! 
  3 sheets of Angel Hello Kitty and a sticker of Hello kitty lot! 
 Hello Kitty black and pink sparkly pop stickers! 

 Blue and Flowers Hello Kitty Sticker sheet! It says Euro Hello Kitty on the back.(Trade Pending)

 Super cute Mini Notepad! it came with a tin and a mini magnet and I might sell tose as well for extra! 
 Sweet World lot! Comes with 16 sheets. 4 sheets for each design (4)(Hold)
 4 sheets. No design the same! (Hold)

 5 Envolope lot! 1 mini and the rest are medium! 
 Blacky Panda minni Notepad! Never Used! 
Fuzzy covered Hello Kitty Scapbook! None of it has been ever used (Trade Pending)


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