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I am Jack’s abandoned mathematical conundrum.

Super Sailor Moon gashapon @ ebay + other junk.

Hello again all. I have a Super Sailor Moon gashapon (from set 2) @ ebay ending in just little over an hour, Right Here.. Details are in the auction.

I also have a lot of some random Sailor Moon cards and stickers cards for DS, as well as a card case. I already have this card case, it came as an extra in a lot I won @ ebay, so.....I don't really need it ^^;;

Pictured Here
The top row are all official NA sticker cards. They are in near mint condition cause the person I bought them from took great care of them, and when I had them they were just in a card binder.
The first two cards in the second row...I dunno what they are tbh ^^;; They're prismatic sticker cards is all I know :P
The rest are all official Japanese cards by Bandai, except the very last card (the Chibiusa one) that is Banpresto.
The card case is in good condition with some slight wear, and the previous owner stuck a prismatic sticker card on the back of it (it looks pretty cute on there though cause it looks like a new sticker card, so I just left it on)

$9.50 shipped for the lot. $3 for the case, $.25 a piece for the sticker cards, and $.50 a piece for the cards, except the Chibiusa one, which has some slight damage to the lower left corner, so it's free. + $2.00 shipping.

I also still have some things @ my sales journal angel_sales including Get Backers, Final Fantasy VIII, and 12 Kingdoms doujin, the 'Tsuya' Atsuko Nakajima artbook, and a couple of other things kicking around I'm still trying to get rid of :P Help a girl out?

- Here is my feedback post --> CLICKY, it has my LJ, ebay and serasell feedback.

Not looking to trade really, unless you have the Devil May Cry 4 art book (not the mini white promo art book, I have that already), Dante/Nero doujinshi., or Sailor Moon stuff you think I'd be interested in %D


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