Siemgirl (siemgirl) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Nana goods

Hi to all. Thanks for the attention. I am selling some stuff from Nana by Ai Yazawa. I have spare one of everything. All objects are new as in shops.
For multi-orders you get discount on shipping.

Nana Black Bag 

Price is 30 euros, or 45 dollars.

Nana Pink Bag

Small bag with bigger bag.
Price is 25 euros, or 40 dollars.

Nana Mascot NanaCat

Price 20 euros, 30 dollars.

Nana Mascot HachiDog

Price is 20 euros, or 30 dollars.

You get discount if you buy more than one thing.
Shipping costs are related to the state, out of Italy you can't get it for free (if you are in Italy and buy more than 1, you can get free shipping maybe), but it is at least about 10 dollars.
Email me at siemgirl [@] hotmail [.] it or leave a message here!
Tags: anime, collectibles, toys

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