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CDs for sale!

Nightmare - LIBIDO CD

12012 - not obtain +1 CD

Hello! Project - Together! CD

Ayumi Hamasaki - Rainbow CD

BoA - Rock with you CD

Nightmare - LIBIDO (CD+DVD)
$25 USD
I got this after it first came out, played it once or twice as well as the DVD so it's in fine condition. :3

12012 - not obtain +1 CD
$28 USD
This was played maybe once or twice. Great condition and comes with obi!

Hello! Project - Together! CD (OUT OF PRINT)
$25 USD
I bought this used before and there are some scratches on the CD itself, but I've never had any trouble playing it. Otherwise it's in good condition. :D

Ayumi Hamasaki - Rainbow CD
$20 USD
This was played maybe once or twice. There are two small cracks on the front from when it was shipped to me in the mail before. Comes with obi.

BoA - Rock with you CD
CD case has very light scratches, no cracks or deep scratches though. Otherwise in good condition. :D

If you would like anything, please let me know your zip code and I can see how much shipping will be. I take non credit card Paypal only.

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