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Various Anime & Manga For Sale

Been doing some cleaning and realized, "Hey, I really don't even watch a lot of these dvds or read these manga books..." So I'm posting them here. All prices exclude shipping. If you would like to know shipping costs, please leave a comment including your zip code and what you are interested in. I accept PayPal (not credit cards) and money orders.

  • Burst Angel Vol 1 "Death's Angel" Episodes 1-4, $7
  • Doki Doki School Hours 3rd Hour (aka Sensei no Ojikan), DVD cover missing, $4
  • Inuyasha Season 1 Disc 3, Ep. 11-15, separated from rest of set, no DVD cover, $4
  • Inuyasha Vol. 15 "Broken Fang", Ep. 43-45, $7
  • Inuyasha Vol. 27 "Brothers In Arms", Ep. 79-81, DVD cover missing, $4
  • Inuyasha Vol. 31 "Duplicates & Dilemmas", Ep. 91-93, DVD cover missing, $4
  • Inuyasha Movie 1, Japanese DVD, All Region, English Subs, Replaced cover, $4
  • Inuyasha Movie 2, Japanese DVD, All Region, English Subs, Replaced cover, $4
  • Panda Z Vol. 1 "The Robonimation", Ep. 1-5, $7

  • Negima - Magister Negi Magi, Vol. 1, $5

  • Sailor Senshi poster, $7
  • Sailor Senshi at a picnic, $7

  • Vash the Stampede from Trigun plush, $5
  • Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon S, $5
  • Mouse ears child size, $4
  • Hello Kitty bandana, $2

    • DVDs with Covers, and Manga. One of the DVDs is blocked out because it was claimed after I took the picture.

      DVDs without covers.

Tags: anime, fashion: cosplay

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