Materialist (a_materialist) wrote in garagesalejapan,

It's spring cleaning time! I've posted massive amounts of new things up on a_materialist, and I'm adding more stuff as we speak.

New English manga, Japanese manga, bunches of yaoi and doujinshi, tons of Jrock mags and goods--I mean, check out the great Shoxx mags I've got! And if you're a Miyazaki fan or a Super Dollfie collector looking to round out your collection, I've got stuff for you, too. Bento cloths, magazines, etc!

Come take a look; I'm sure you'll find something you like!

I recieved a $22 Paypal payment from an L. Hansen with no note of what it's for. I haven't gotten any emailed orders and no new comments, so if L. Hansen is a member of this community and sees this please email me. I'd really like to send you your item(s)!
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