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Cleaning out my collection!

Shipping for CDs is $5.00.

-Moi dix Mois- ‘Dialogue Symphonie’, first press w/ obi- $15
-Miyavi- ‘Jibun Kakumei 2003’, it could be first press… I can’t find a webpage with the serial number. Either way, it’s blindingly shiny and comes with a trading card (he’s pretending to pee on a wall O_o)- $15 (pending...)
-Dir en grey- ‘Kasumi’, first press w/ obi and sticker- $10
-Shazna- ‘Promise Eve'- $10
-Shazna- ‘Sophia’, first press!- $20
-Fatima- ‘SSB’, first press w/obi, case is a bit scratched, cd is fine though- $30

Dir en grey Fanclub Magazines- from my brief stint as an [a knot] member ^_^
 Haiiro no Ginka Volume 18 – “How to Make a Zombie Makeup”… haha
 Haiiro no Ginka Volume 19- making of ‘Kasumi’ pv,
 Haiiro no Ginka Volume 21 – comes w/ 4 postcards (all of Kyo) and a 01-2004 to 02-2005 mini calendar

Anime Stuff - shipping varies depending on the item.

Digi Charat shitajiki - $2
Love Hina poster (folded, wear on corners. The pic is only of the middle, because that's all I could fit in my scanner!) -$2
Sorcerous Stabber Orphan Revenge poster (folded, wear on corners. The pic is of about half of the poster.) -$2
FAKE vhs (English dub. The box is a little beat up, but the tape plays fine.) - $5
Infinite Ryvius Limited Edition Box (comes with US release Volume 1 DVD and pencil board) - $30

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions, just ask! To contact me about buying something, either leave a comment here or e-mail me at shiroi _ yukiko @ yahoo.com (without the spaces). I prefer Paypal or cash, but will also take money orders.

Whoever emailed me about the Miyavi CD... For some reason, I can't reply to your e-mail! There is no address attached to it, oddly. Please get back to me!


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