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Got some more stuff up. I'm really in the need of cash so, If you're interested in anything please leave a comment or email me at bouncyizam@hotmail.com. I know there's many kpop things x.x if that's not allowed I'll fix the post.

Please OFFER a price (please be fair). Shipping will be determined by zip code. Please add 1.30 for insurance.

Non CC paypal, money orders and concealed cash accepted. Please send money AS SOON as you can. I'm in a bind and need the money asap so as soon as you can would be great and thank you.

Thanks so much ^^

*** Re-listed Stuff ***

Happy bunny: "Hooray That Crazy Person Is Here". Size Large, never worn.

Black boots, semi new/worn a few times. Black and have a zipper and buckle. They have some stretch to the top as well. Great for wear or cosplaying ^^ Size 7

Paine/FFX 2 laminated poster.

Nicholas Tse replica ring necklace. Brand new in package.

Ayumi Hamasaki replica necklace. Brand new, in package.


examples of the stationary sheets:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/kyomuffin_for_sale/site_sales/Krock%20Kpop%20Related/examples_of_stationary.jpg (various styles of sheets)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/kyomuffin_for_sale/site_sales/Krock%20Kpop%20Related/kangta_stationarysheet.jpg (Kangta sheet)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/kyomuffin_for_sale/site_sales/Krock%20Kpop%20Related/jaewon_stationarysheet.jpg (Jae Won sheet)

Tokyo Mew Mew volume 3

Crazy Love Story Volume 1

gatekeepers tv version soundtrack

Maison Ikkoku ~vocal~ tv version CD

Hello Kitty hair things. [ON HOLD]

Oriental purses

Spider metal wristcuff. (your will come in it's package lol that's mine easier to photograph.)

The following posters are very rare. They came with Dong Bang Shin Ki (Gi, whatever XD) "L.A Photo essay" book and from what I can see are not sold seperately. They are double sided.

Max double sided poster.

sorry for all the pictures XD
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