my shop! (keiichiryo) wrote in garagesalejapan,
my shop!

it's back! Taking orders for shopphoto reprints

Hi, here i'm again with the 3th spree for shopphotoreprints.
second spree brought more content buyers, and i've also added new photo's to choose from
For now i will be taking orders till JUNE 8!

Photo's available from:
News: concerts, Weeek, Taiyou no namida, Summer time, and others.
Kat-tun: Lips, Keep the faith, concerts
Kanjani8: Wahaha, Spring concert 2008, and others
Arashi: Concerts, and more others.
All reprints will be 1 USD each

For more information and all that go here:
klick klick klick

And thankyou for looking ^^

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