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Hello Kitty, Spirited Away, Mario, Haruhi, BJD, PS2 Pachinko and more!

Brand new Hello Kitty in Kimono plush
I bought this in Tokyo at the Hakuhinkan toy store
$25 shipped or best offer

New Hello Kitty coin purse (SOLD!!!) and used holographic, blinking key chain and cell phone charm
make an offer for one or all.

Japanese Haruhi promo magazine
rare and hard to find even in Japan!
I've seen this sell for up to $25
make an offer

Japanese Newtype Magazines #11 and #12
both are dammaged but still 100% readable
damages consists of wrinkled pages (I got caught in the rain with them) and small holes in the center folds (thanks to my suitcase >_<)
Please make an offer for one or both


Old copy of Electric Gaming and PoJo's
Electric Gaming is from right before the Wii came out and features articles on the game system as well as Zelda Twilight Princess. This is an older issue of PoJo's that features articles on Monster Rancher, DBZ and Sailor Moon (The hot anime at the time this issue came out) as well TCGs like Magic the Gathering. Please make an offer for either or both magazines!

Mario (SOLD!!!) and Spirited Away (STILL AVAILABLE!!!) puffy magnets from Japan
filled with colored beads
make an offer for which ever ones you want

Harry Potter holographic Wizards Cards

The potter Family (x2)
Gilderoy Lockhart (x3)
Madam Rolanda Hooch (x2)
Madam Pince (x2)
Filius Flitwick
Albus Dumbledore
Heathcote Barbary/ Myron Wagtail

make an offer for as many as you want

Agent Scully action figure set
make offer

punk jewlry lot
All this pluss more!
I need to clean out my jewlry box!
Please make an offer

Size L
Used but in good condition
Fabric: polyester, spandex
$10 shipped

Gold and Black dragon dress
Size large. Very stretchy. 
Only worn once.
$10 shipped

Used but in good condition
size L, very stretchy!
$10 shipped

NEW chrome blue ipod nano 2 case
$10 shipped

Import Pachinko PS2 game
 Make sure your PS2 can play Japanese games before you buy. 
No offers under $15 please.

Brand new red platform sandal shoes for 1/6 dollfie. These were bought at the bjd floor of the Hakuhinkan toy store in Tokyo. They are Licca brand. 
$10 shipped

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