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Yo. wants YOU to know that this image was hosted by them. :DDD

I'm planning a sudden trip to Berlin to see Dir en grey. Well, I'm attempting to, anyway, and I need to sell a bunch of things in order to make that happen. 8D So YAAAAAY. However, le'digicam is dead, so most pictures are nonexistant. It's okay, you can IMAGINE what the pictures would look like! I can even do a few MSPaint pictures if you want me to.

Prices are negotiable
I prefer non-credit card paypal, but I also accept well concealed cash, checks, and money orders.

- I am not liable for anything that may be lost, eaten, maimed, torn apart, abducted by aliens, shipwrecked, lost at sea, abandoned, set aflame, etc. during the shipping process. I won't go out of my way to rip you off: I am MUCH to lazy, I assure you.
- Shipping prices are what they are because I insure the package and get delivery confirmation. 8D Normally it includes me buying the frikken box, too. Fuck you, USPS, you damn expensive bastards. <^>O_O

MANGA $6 EACH + $3 shipping
Under the Glass Moon - Vol. 1 and 2
Demon Diary - Vol. 1
Model - Vol. 1
-The above three manga have a dark/gothic feel in the artwork and story.
One Night Lesson - Vol. 1 - ALL IN JAPANESE. YAOI. Includes several short stories. VERY cute.

ANIME DVDs $15 EACH + $3 shipping
Fruits Basket - Vol. 1 and 2
X - The Movie
Weiss Kreuz - Vol. 1-5 (COMPLETE SERIES)
Spirited Away
Card Captor Sakura - The Movie

ANIME VHS - $5 EACH + $3 shipping
Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon S
BOTH ARE DUBBED, and are taking up space. I have no little girls to torture with these tapes. Hopefully one of you guys know a few.

PARASOL - $20 + $7 shipping
I actually bought this off a Japanese website, but I can't recall if it's a Chinese or Japanese parasol. Figured I'd give it a shot, though. Used once.

YUKATA - $45 + $7 shipping
Never worn, in perfect condition. I paid $175 for this thing. It comes with a sash to tie around your waist, NOT an obi.
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