orillas (orillas) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling: Gackt DVDs, CDs, and Manga

My interest in jrock/jpop has decreased. So, up for sale at my journal:

CD - Gackt - 1999 Mizerable 8cm CD
DVD - Gackt - 2000 Tour: MARS
DVD - Gackt - 2001 Tour: Requiem et Reminiscence
DVD - Gackt - 2002 Tour: Kagen no Tsuki
DVD - Gackt - 2003 Tour: Jougen no Tsuki
Manga - Model (1-7)
Manga - Paradise Kiss (1-4)

Please also see the Rules & Info before purchasing. Thanks!
Tags: manga: english, music: jpop, music: jrock

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