maría (helldrawing) wrote in garagesalejapan,

MSD Mika for sale

Hi, I'm selling this Mini Super Dollfie Mika. It's been recently cleaned up and it has always stayed in a smoke free place, so it's in perfect condition.

- MSD Mika with custom make-up.
- Does not include eyes, wig, clothes nor boots.
- MSD Ken box (same head mold) with the two cushions.
Price: 300$ (free shipping worldwide)

There's another option, the full package includes:
- MSD Mika with custom make-up.
- Includes eyes, wig, clothes and boots.
- MSD Ken box with the two cushions.
Price: 375$ (free shipping)

I accept Paypal or bank transfer if you live in Spain.

I accept offers. For example: Doll + eyes, or doll + wig.
This are the prices for each item:

Brown wig from LeekeWorld: 20$

Boots from LeekeWorld: 37.40$

MSD outfit from Dollmore: 32$
(the outfit includes a purse but I forgot to take a photo of it with the rest of items)

I don't have a photo of the eyes, but they're black acrylic eyes 16mm from Dollmore: 6.40$

As you can see, the full package is more economic.

Please comment here or email me at lameandcasual[at]gmail[dot]com
Thank you.


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