Morgan N. (cessin) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Morgan N.

MOVING SALE! Comics, movies, DVDs, Games and more!

Prices reduced--- New items and very low prices! Please look! :)

I have some stuff I want to get rid of, I accept paypal only and I have feedback on the first post of my journal. All shipping is separate which will be calculated once you commit to buying from me. I am not responsible for lost packages if you don't buy insurance. No refunds or exchanges.

I am trying to get rid of the books asap, otherwise I am going to have to donate them when I move on the 12th, so I marked them very low, please take these off my hands, if you buy 5+ comics I'll give you more of a deal on them. I can ship media mail with books and dvd's so shipping will be cheaper.

Everything is in mint-good condition unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for looking!


Shutter box 1-2 $4.00 for both (or $3 each)
Othello 2-3 $5.00 for both (or $3 each) (BOTH SOLD)

Now 1-4 $7.00 for all. (I would like to sell these as a set)

Your and my secret vol 1 $2.00
Princess Ai Vol 2 $2.50
'Ba_Ku' by Hakase Mizuki (in japanese) $1.00

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within $5.50
Final Fantasy: Unlimited Disk 1+2 $8.00 for both. ($5.00 each seperately)
Final Fantasy Advent Children (I don't know if this is bootleg or not, I got it off ebay, for this reason it's cheap @_@) $1.50

Inuyasha vol 1 (big version) $0.50
Inuyasha vol 2 (reg version) $0.50
Faries landing vol 2 $0.50
Planet Ladder vol 4 $0.50

Saiyuki DVD's 1+2 Asking: $4 for both or $3 each.

Rose from The Legend of Dragoon action figure. One shoulder cap fell off when I got her, glued it back with hot glue, hardly noticeable. Asking: $3.00
Inuyasha the movie 1: Affections Touching across time. Subtitles only. Asking $0.50

Hello kitty lights. One light is burnt out but there is a baggie of extra lights attached that you can replace it with. Comes with purple light rope. Asking: $3.50

Final Fantasy 10-2 Perfect condition, Only played it a few times. Asking: $5.00


Dragon Knights Vol 1-6 Volume one is a little beat up on the outer edges but it does not effect the inner comic. (Taking offers, would like at least $5.00 for them.)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: anime, manga: english

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