Miss Mya (feelingsuperior) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Miss Mya

WTB post <3

 looking for....

neck and neck volume 2
Peach girl volume 5+
hana kimi vol 7+
Aoi House In Love Vol 1+
Love Hina vol 11+
Crossroad vol 2+
My Sassy Girl vol 2+
Anything Junko Mizuno, Gloomy Bear, Tokidoki, Tarina Tarantino, Betsey Johnson
Anything DC vertigo, squee and any Buffy Angel or Weadon Graphic Novels

Please only paypal, and I live in canada (vancouver) for all you people scared to post out of USA. Quote a price too if you like :)

Comment here or email me at ifollowgoldfish AT hotmail dot com

Cross posted, sorry <3

P.S. Please post any feedback you have too <3333333

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