RyuHayabusaDOA2 (ryuhayabusadoa2) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling for my friend lakariagain.

Hello and Good Afternoon People. I'm posting this add on behalf of my friend lakari and she's selling the following items:

-Aerith FF7 Costume
-Euphy from Code Geass wigs. Pics and info is below the cut.

Description of Sale:

Costume Selling Price: $150

I have up for sale a new and unused Aerith costume from Final Fantasy VII advent children. I had plans for the costume, but the plans will probably not fall through anytime soon so it should go to a new home. The costume includes: the vest, dress, bracelets, hair tie, green materia hair tie, leather cord

This outfit is made by Amethyst Angel and it is impeccable in details and make. I can include the shoes for an extra $20 for shipping and handling.

I also have a wig for sale and it can be bought with this costume for a cheaper price.

My sizes are:
Bust: 35 inches
Waist:28 inches
Hips:35 inches

Shipping and Handling for the costume is $15
I am taking serious offers and payment with non CC/DC paypal payments or money orders.

Aerith Wig:

Sale Description:

Info: I am selling this wig for $100 plus shipping and handling, it is styled by Sakurawigs and the braid has had extra extensions added in for a thicker braid. You can purchase this wig along with the Aerith costume I also have up for sale. It is a beautiful wig and will complete any Aerith cosplay. All questions should be emailed to lakari.chan@gmail.com.

Feel free to email me questions and offers at lakari.chan@gmail.com

Euphy Wig:

Wig Selling Price: $90

This is an extra Euphemia Li Britannia wig that I happen to have. The two cinnamon roll-like buns on the sides are wig fiber extensions that have been braided tightly and sewn firmly and permanently onto the main wig. This wig is long, silky and detangles easily, it reaches down to my butt! XD. This is great for any Euphemia cosplayers looking for the perfect wig for their pretty costumes =3.

Shipping and Handling: $10 (for the packaging required to keep the buns safe)
Please email me any questions to lakari.chan@gmail.com

If you plan to buy this, please refer all questions or transactions to lakari.chan@gmail.com Thanks. :3
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