saladstore (saladstore) wrote in garagesalejapan,

anime, manga and wallscroll clear out :)!!

Pretear Manga Set and Dvd Set with Art Box: [like new] [35.00]
vol 1-4 + dvd box set in almost new condition

  • Save our Earth Vol. 1 Price: [3.00]
  • Demon Diary Vol. 6 Price: [3.00]

.Hack Legend of Twilight Series 1-3 Price: [9.00]

(Preview cropped this for some reason) Negima 1-8 Price: [26.00]

 Inu Yasha Figurines [7.00] each or [20.00] for all three

Tenjho Tenge Manga Vol 1 [3.00] + Figure [9.00] together [11.00]

Figures from Please Twin / Onegai Tsuinzu Price [5.00] separately, [14.00] together

Escaflowne Wallscroll [6.00]

Chobits Wallscroll [6.00]

Chobits Wallscroll Price [6.00]

Fullmetal Alchemist Price [7.00]

selling wallscrolls, manga, anime, and more :) clearing out my old anime so everything is super cheap! click the fake break for pictures and info :)! [[[EDIT]]] i hotlinked gmails images so no images were shown last edit ._.;; but its all fixed now!
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