Z Z (plastic_garden) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Here's a chance for you people who attempted at selling a ton of manga and got the leftovers. I'm looking for a few mangas and will buy these without any questions asked (as long as the pricing is reasonable and there isn't anything difficult too much like shipping of 50 bucks from Mars or something)

I'm looking for these titles in English:

Sailor Moon 8
Sailor Moon StarS 3

Chobits 7-8

Utena 2, 5 and The Adolescence of Utena manga

Also looking for Maison Ikkoku titles. These are more debatable, depends on how many people have the other manga above. I'm looking for (preferably first editions) volumes that are not these:

Vol. 1, Family Affairs, Home Sweet Home, Bedside Manners

Do let me know!

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