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Lots of stuff still available!!
plus more to be added soon
Prices include shipping in the US.
please email me at, or leave a comment here, if interested,
thanks :3

    ***MANGA*** all manga $5 each.

Wedding Peach volumes 1, 2, 3, 4
Tokyo Babylon volume 1
CLAMP School Detectives volumes 1, 2, 3
Flame of Recca volumes 1, 2
Guardian Angel Getten volume 1
Forbidden Dance volume 2, 3, 4
INVU volumes 1, 2, 3
Baby Birth volumes 1, 2
One Pound Gospel volume 1


Saikano volume 1.....$9
Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 1 platinum edition....$9
Key, the Metal Idol box set..... $12
Nuku Nuku TV volumes 1, 2...... $7 each
Nuku Nuku Dash volume 1......$8
Cardcaptor Sakura the first movie.......$7
Inuyasha volumes 1 (Down the Well), 2 (A Girls Best Friend), 3 (Fathers and Sons), 4 (The Thunder Brothers), 5 (Secret of the New Moon), 6 (Deadly Liasons), 7 (Secrets of the Past)........$7 each.

    Image hosted by
Inuyasha the Third Movie. I bought it on ebay, watched it, now i'm done with it........$9
    Image hosted by
Non-no fashion magazines from September 1999 #18, September 1999 #17, and March 1999 #6. THese magazines are really cool to look at. They are all in OK condition. I am selling them for $10 each (they are very large), or $25 for all 3.

    Image hosted by
Hot Gimmick manga volume 9 in Japanese!! So cute!!.....$9

    Image hosted by
Digi Charat (I think thats how you spell it...) Cosplay hat. I have never seen this series, hence why I can't spell the name. But I got this because its so cute!! I work at a bookstore and we get a lot of import Japanese things now because of the big manga boom, and I always get first pick of things, and at a discount ^___^. This guy was just sitting in my room collecting dust......$17

    Image hosted by
Sailor Moon 1998 Japanese Calendar!!
This calander is so cool. Its a large calendar, with two months per page. The first two pages have thumb tack holes in them, after that I took it down. Of course this calendar is outdated by 7 years, but I think it would be cool to cut out the pictures and hang them up, or something. There are some folds and wrinkles here and there, but no rips. All in all, its in pretty good shape. I am selling it for $12, plus $4 for a shipping tube........$16
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Inuyasha box set part 5 (2 discs, episodes 75-90).......$14
Inuyasha box set part 2 (3 discs, episodes 26-38)......$14
Slayers TV Series DVD Collection........$12
Studio Ghibli double feature: Nausicaa and Only Yesterday (I think)......$9
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Juliet Magazine September 2004......$9
Neon Genesis Evangelion CD: Addition......$7
Imadoki volume 5 Japanese Manga......$7

    Image hosted by
Anime Poster Art.....$10
The Art Of Cardcaptor Sakura volume 2 (published by Tokyopop).....$9
Cosplay Girls, Japanese Live Action Heroines.......$13

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    Fruits Basket volume 16.
    In Japanese, still sealed.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
    Now there is a sad story to this tshirt...I ordered it, tried it on, and it didn't fit. *cries*. Evangelion is one of the coolest animes, and this NERV shirt is equally as cool. Size XSMALL/SMALL (Measurements: Length: 19 inches. Armpit to armpit: 15 inches........ $10

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Sailor Moon figures (they used to have little chains on them for key chains). Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Fighter (only 1 left)......$2.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
lots and lots of Chobits cards!!! 64 to be exact...I don't know what price to put on these, so if you see some you like, or want all of them, just name your price, and include shipping. yea.
(I paid $5 a pack for 9 cards, just for reference)


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