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Selling: Jrock cds VERY cheap, Pierrot Mucc Fatima D'espairs Aikaryuu etc

Hi there :D

I'm selling off the good majority of my j-rock CD collection for very cheap, I just want to clear it all out. I have 2 for $10 singles and $10 albums, so if there's anything you think you'd be interested in, please take a look :D

My sales policy is as follows:

-All items ship from Japan. Paypal fees and costs of packaging (bubble mailer, etc) will be calculated into shipping costs.
-Seller does combine shipping.
-Seller accepts paypal ONLY.
-Seller is not accepting trades at this time. (Sorry, I need to pay bills and shit, as do we all.)
-Seller ships on Thursdays (I may be able to find time to ship on other days depending on how my schedule goes, but Thursday is the only definite day I can make it to the post office during hours)
-Seller is not responsible for lost or damaged packages that have not been insured. (Insurance will cost extra)
-Finally, most importantly, seller will NOT hold items. Please do not reserve something if you can't pay. Also, please don't ask to buy something then disappear when I give you my paypal address. It's annoying.

Onto the sales!

Shipping will be a flat rate of $6.50 per CD; $1.50 per each additional CD.

Fatima: Exit
Fatima's last mini-album before their breakup. $10

Mucc: Kuchiki no tou, Live at Roppongi

Mucc: Saishuu ressha and Ryuusei singles
$10 for both

Mucc: Ame no orchestra and Kokoro no nai machi singles
$10 for both

Plastic Tree: cell

Plastic Tree: Chiriyuku bokura and melancholic singles
$10 for both

End of the Century Rockers I and Pierrot clear sky single
End of the Century Rockers has the Pierrot songs Karuma and Sepia on it and is very rare.
$15 for both

Pierrot: MYCLOUD and Smiley Skeleton singles
MYCLOUD is the first press with DVD version.
$10 for both

Pierrot: Hello and MYCLOUD singles
Both regular version (no dvd)
$10 for both

Pierrot: Agitator and Shinkei ga wareru atsui yoru singles
$10 for both

Pierrot: Dramatic Neo Anniversary and Cocoon singles
$10 for both

Pierrot: Creatures and Screen singles
$10 for both

Pierrot: Finale
$8 (plastic case has some damage)

Pierrot: HELLO and Angelo: REBORN singles
Both first press with DVD.
$10 for both

Kirito: DOOR and Kirito: TEAR singles
Both first press with DVD.
$10 for both

Not pictured:

D'espairs Ray: Garnet and Gemini singles (Gemini is first press) $10 for both
TRAX: Scorpio single $5
Aikaryu: Aye Aye, sir (full album) and the single with "Medical Shower" on it $10 for both

I also have more Pierrot cds and some Merry and stuff like that that is not listed, please ask if you're interested. <3

Thanks for looking!
$10 for both

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